Cacao and Ecstatic Dance

As soon as we can gather again, we will organise a cacao and ecstatic dance!


Welcome by Afke

Cacao ceremony by Celine Dewy Moerti

Ecstatic Dance by Dj Rakesh

It is gonna be a magical evening.


We start with settings intentions and drinking the cacao in a ceremonial way. Cacao is a sacred drink, with lots of healing power, it is also a heart opener.

And then the ecstatic dance, you can dance exactly the way you feel like. Dancing is medicine, is healing and a lot of fun.
Let the body move on the music freely.
To give space to all that you feel.

Afke will guide to help you (re)connect with your body, to let go of the structure, to let go of ‘how things should be’ and she will explain about ecstatic dance.

Welcome from 19:00 with tea (19:25 doors close!)
19:30 Start workshop and openings ceremony

What to wear: comfortable colourful, light or white clothes.

What is Ecstatic Dance?
You can move or dance how ever you like.
Alone or together, introvert or extrovert.

There are a few essential guidelines to Ecstatic Dance
No chitchat on the dance floor
Respect each others space
No booze no shoes

From his point of view Ecstatic Dance is an invitation for transformation, from stress to relaxation, alone to together and from not knowing to inspiration.

Opening with Afke
Cacao with Celine Dewy Moerti
Ecstatic dance with DJ: Rakesh
For: everybody


De Nieuwe Yogaschool,
Laurierstraat 109

Costs 25 euro for tickets: click here