Happy and healthy morning challenge

Happy and healthy challenge.
It is time to boost your immune system.
This challenge is for you when you are ready to embrace a healthy  morning ritual.
We wake up together and I will guide you with breath, yoga, Tabata and meditation.
Are you ready for a serious commitment to stay happy and healthy?
Let’s wake up together!
Starting next Monday November 9 till November 27
for three weeks from Monday-Friday (weekends are free)
7:30-8:00 CEST
15 times
30 minutes of kick ass practice
The practice is with:
Conscious breathing(10 breaths)
Warming up stretches
3-6 rounds of Surya Namaskara (sun salutations) 
4 minutes of Tabataa (high intensity training)
Forward bend/back bend stretches
and ready for the day!
Early morning practice Regulates Your Sleep Rhythm & Balance Your Hormones-
Early morning yoga Helps to Build a Healthy, Consistent Routine-
Early morning yoga may boost your metabolism-
Early Morning Yoga is better than a good coffee-
Morning stretching prevents injury and achiness throughout the day-
Challenge yourself
Wake-up 15 days with Afke (and sometimes with Blanca)
she will guide you through your morning practice
to help you create a new healthy habit
It’s a simple breath, yoga and Tabata and stretch session
to do it every morning will benefit your body, mind and soul.
and will give you more energy
and will give you more positive power during the day
you will create a healthy morning ritual.
It will create a smile on your face all day!
Wake-up with a smile!
All sessions are via ZOOM, so you have to shown up too!
You only need your phone or computer to tune in.
The commitment is for 15 days!
A happy and healthy lifestyle is priceless,
so this commitment will cost you some money.
And if you complete the challenge you will feel happy and healthy
and you get 25 -50 euro’s back!
Buy here your ticket on Chipta there are different tickets for everybody an option from low budget to philanthropic tickets.
Reviews from the last Challenge with Afke:
van Nienke Schipper Pauw (yoga teacher):
Over de helft van de Wake UP with Afke 22 day Challenge. Heel fijn ‘s ochtends met een vaste groep de dag beginnen. Heb opeens zeeën van tijd in de ochtend en ga lekker soepel de dag in. Dank lieve Af!
van Hugo van der Klippe (cardioloog):
Brr slecht geslapen, beetje brak en moe, wat opstartproblemen, maar wat een goed begin om de dag met yoga te begroeten, wat lekker nadien 😄, leuk dat je dat doet Afke!
Top, kadootje, thanks
Extra motivation: