Tantra weekend July 24-26

Introduction weekend to Tantra with Sjoerd and Afke

A weekend on a beautiful location with food and accommodation.

What is Tantra?

Afke: for me Tantra is to embrace it all, to embrace life fully in all its aspects, the light and also the darkness.

Tantra is an ancient spiritual tradition, a way of living and thinking, with the purpose of attaining spiritual awakening, like yoga or meditation. Where the practice of yoga helps you to travel more inwards. To observe yourself, observing life, without responding. Tantra invites you to liberate yourself in the world around you.

Afke and Sjoerd take you on a little journey into the unkown. Tantra changed their lives in such a positive way, to help to stay authentic, to listen to your true desires, to feel your true Yes and also your true No, to learn about your shadows and negative beliefs, the playfulness of the senses and so much more joy in everything. For years they have been studying the ancient techinques of Tantra. Now they offer you the opportunity to experience a little of the mystery that has influenced their lives so much.

What makes Tantra different from other spiritual paths is that it embraces all of life as sacred. There is no concept of sin in Tantra. Tantra is the Path of Love – love of life, of self, of others.

In practical terms it means embracing every single part of your life as an opportunity to EXPAND. “Tan” means expansion, and “Tra” means liberation – so together it means the path of expanding into liberation. Every experience, no matter how beautiful or how challenging it is, every feeling, and every person, represents an opportunity to grow, to peel back those layers, and become more loving, more peaceful, more joyful.

Do you feel a curiosity?

Do you want to know why Tantra is so often confused with sexuality?

And are you curious to connect deeper with yourself?

Feel super welcome to join us at our first tantra weekend.

We will create a safe space, and no worries nudity is always voluntary :-)

You will experience what it is to step into this ‘tantra field’ moving from head into the heart and body.

Connecting with your emotions, starting to connect with yourself on a deeper level and from there with others.

It is possible to join as an (occasional) couple, but you can also join as a lovely single.

When: July 24-26
Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon
All sessions and meals and accommodation.

Price is euro 475 for the early birds (first 4)
Price is euro 525 for the middle birds (second 4)
Price is euro 575 for the late birds (last 4)