Juice Clean retreat with Andrea Paige

Yes this is what I love to do,
I will start again on the 25th of September,
would you like to join?
Experience a profound shift in your health, from the luxury and comfort of your home. THE INITIATION is guaranteed to spark the change you’ve been craving. This may be the most important thing you ever do for yourself. 
Do you get heady about food and diet? But wait… this experience exists in the BODY – not the mind! GIVE YOURSELF A TRUE EMBODIED EXPERIENCE OF HEALTH… and stop clicking mindless clickbait of “Foods to Eat to Cut Bloating…”
You’re worth more than that. 
THE INITIATION will remind you what it’s like to “feel good”. Most people don’t actually know what it is to feel good. They wake up in survival mode, reach out for some survival calories, grumble through work, have a few stimulant-based surges (coffee, food, TV)… and then go to bed at night with limited nourishment at a deeper level.

Hereby the link with 10% discount 960523DA-D946-4D33-8E03-2B21E01E0FFC