Yoga week Magical Ibiza 6-12 October 2019 and 31 May and 18 October 2020

Magical Ibiza
A transformational Yoga retreat


October 6-12 Magical Ibiza

31 May -6 June Magical Ibiza
18 – 24 October Magical Ibiza

7 days Yoga sessions with Afke
6 nights accommodation in the Lotus House in Ibiza
7 days healing food (3x a day) and herbal tea and water all day
2 or 3 Breathing sessions with Tamara
1 workshop Love YourSelf
1 free your voice and sing with from your heart workshop with Lex Empress
Massages therapists that heal on physical and emotional level.

Are you longing for some quality time for yourself?
Are you longing for a week full of loving yoga and soul nourishing treats?
A week where you can let go of any negative habits/patterns and step into your full potential. Starting to live a life from your heart, from your essence.

Than this week is for you!
In a villa with a magnificent view over the ocean.

waking up with the sunrise.
A yoga session on the beach (we start with the ‘dance of Shiva and Shakti’ a gentle yoga sequence from the North of India) and then a fresh swim in the sea.
A small bite and a longer sweet yoga session at the house, gentle twisting and stretches to detoxify the body and a sweet vinyasa flow with the sun salutations to get the energy flowing.
nourishing breakfast served by Erika Tangari.
Then there is the break of silence (in the mornings no chit chatting).
Afternoons are for relaxing, healing sessions with the body and soul workers.
Lunch, dinner, breath workshops which is truly an amazing journey, where we set intentions and let go of any negative beliefs.

Our cook Erika Tangari is a magician, she cooks organic and vegan.
You will feel that this food is really good for you.

Tamara Groen, breath coach ( ) will join again for this retreat and next to her loving presence she wil treat us with her passion which is the breath, we will go on 2 journeys by using the breath as a tool. Amazing what can happen just in a breathing session. Transformational experiences. Letting go of old pains, beliefs that don’t serve you anymore and most of all it is about embracing life, every breath is a call to live life fully!

Soulsong founder Lex Empress will come to sing with and for us. She has a beautiful voice and has the gift to sing what is happening in the moment, she will sing (make) a song specially for you, your own soulsong. A magical moment.

Our experienced and amazing healing massage therapists are Stefanie and Robert

Stefanie studied in Austria and gained her Massage Therapy degree in 2003 . Focusing on Deep Tissue Massage, Acupuncture Massage, Trigger Point Massage, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Manual Lymphatic Massage, Aromatherapy and Arddam . More info about her:

and Robert also an amazing masseur

Massages and private healing and coaching sessions are 100 euro per session.

This retreat is transformational.
And you will be inspired and energized after this week.

I will send you an email with more information how to prepare yourself to get the most out of this magical week.

if you would like to join please send me an email

Price shared room euro 1250
Price private room euro 1650

Shared wooden Cabin – 1150 EUR
Single wooden Cabin – 1500 EUR

Shared Room with four (only for women) – 1050 EUR

Magical Ibiza Retreat