Sacred Feminine India March 1st 2020


Awaken the sensual woman.

2,5 hour tantric workshop for women only.
To (re)connect with your self and with sisters from all different parts of the world.

You are so invited to join!

Come and join and gather, last time is was so amazing to be with women from all different parts of the world.
Bathing in a bath of love.

It is a guided workshop with breath, sound and movement.

Awaken the Shakti Goddess within!

Jai Ma!

This 2,5 hour workshop offers an opportunity for women to find the growth and opening that can occur through working with members of their own gender. To expore the issues that are alive for us and how to align ourselves with our core and offer love and strength to the world from this place.

Location: Zorba the Buddha in Delhi India
Date: March 1st 2020
Time: tbc

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