DARK and LIGHT / WILD WOMAN Online festival 21-24 December 2020

Are you ready to be a sexy, sensual wild woman?

Embracing all aspects of life to be fully you!
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WILD WOMAN Online festival (sorry only for yoni carriers).
Are you ready for the sexy, sensual wild woman?

This is an opportunity for you to step into your full potential,
To become aware of the LIGHT and DARK qualities of life.

LIGHT as in spirit
DARK as in a grounded bodily intelligence (Divine dark)

Connecting with our lightness and with our darkness is both equally important, they are like yin and yang, together creating harmony. So many spiritual practices are only focussed on the light, as if only light and spirit is love, but there is also love in the darkness, there is also nourishment, embodiment, beauty and wisdom in the darkness.

Spirit without Matter is a ghost
Matter without spirit is a corpse.

Why is darkness so important?
Think about a seed, it needs the dark soil to start sprouting and than it can grow towards the light,
and also a baby in the womb grows by a perfect dark environment. Western culture has demonised darkness, as in bad and evil, we even talk about the ‘dark web’ or sayings like ‘a black box’ after an airplane crash it is actually an orange coloured box, or the saying black money as in illegal money, black and darkness have been seen very negative for centuries now. But not always, in the early temples thousands of years ago, the divine darkness was celebrated, darkness as in matter as in a more grounded bodily experience, as is in moving slower, divine darkness is a feminine quality. (Brú na Bóinne is a dark feminine temple in Ireland already 5200 years old!)

Celebrating the dark and the light like with Halloween (dark) and Winter solstice (light) has been done already for thousands of years.
Not a coincidence that the Christians put the celebration of Jesus on the 25th of December, he was actually not born on this date, but it was hard to compete with the old Pagan traditions for the missionaries.


I invited my favourite teachers and friends for this festival, to embrace the dark and the light, the masculine and the feminine qualities within us. Also to enjoy and be together, sharing circles, Sensual Shakti yoga, Lexy will sing an intuitive Soulsong, we will go on a breathing journey with Tamara, not to forget my most inspiring teachers Ohad and Raffaello, I m so happy and honoured that they are part of this and you will understand why when you hear them talking, not the usual spiritual fluffy talk, no more grounded. We will end on the 24th with a heart opening cacao ceremony you will brew the cacao yourself and we will drink it together with intention and sing together, you will be so ready for the new year to come, for the new you to be! To fully embrace the whole of you! You sexy, sensual wild woman!

Are you ready to join?
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From 21-24th of December (Time is Central European Time (CET)

Monday December 21st
15:00-16:30 Opening ceremony: Welcome by Afke Reijenga and Soulsong and meditation by Alea Kay (Lex Empress)
19:00-20:30 Ohad Pelle: On the Spectrum: how to work with Light and Dark energies in a healthy way.

Tuesday December 22
7:15-7:45 Start the day with a gentle vinyasa yoga with Afke (optional)
15:00-16:30 Afke will share the Emotional Release tools (ISTA) to learn how to move the energy in the emotional body
19:00-20:30 Raffaello Manacorda workshop about Feminine shadows 

Wednesday December 23
7:15-7:45 Start the day with a gentle vinyasa yoga with Afke (optional)
15:00-16:30 Conscious connected and orgasmic breath session with Tamara Groen
19:00-20:30 Sophie Josephina embracing your inner dude (talk and embodiment practice about our inner feminine and masculine 

Thursday December 24
7:15-7:45 Start the day with a gentle vinyasa yoga with Afke (optional)
15:00-16:30 Afke Reijenga will guide a Sensual Shakti and Yin yoga to tickle the senses and to allow the system to relax on a very deep level.
19:00-20:30 Cacao ceremony guided by Leela Stephanie and singing with Shaya Megides on guitar
followed by and ecstatic dance.

If you would like to follow only a couple of sessions you can book per session: check here

Wow what a  beautiful line up with my favourite friends and teachers,
The ones that inspire me so much and I know they will inspire you to!

Ohad-Pelle – world-wide renown teacher of sacred sexuality and Temple Arts, lead facilitator at ISTA
Raffaello Manacorda lead facilitator at ISTA
Tamara Groen is an amazing Breath coach
Sophie Josephina Sex and relating coach topics: How tis embrace your inner dude (feminine and masculine energies)
Lexy Alea Kay Soulsong, meditations, coaching M.O.P. and magician
Leela Stephanie is a cacao ceremonialist, and a  yogini twerker
Afke Reijenga (your host and guide), Sensual Shakti Yoga, Tantra, Freedom and LOVE



8 sessions in 4 days,
if you cannot be there live you can still listen to the talks later till the end of this year,
although the sharings will not be shared they will remain private.

Yes I would love to join!

Hereby the link to buy your ticket to join this ride

Early bird 66 euro (almost SOLD out)
Regular bird 99 euro
Late bird 133 euro
Low on cash 33 euro

If you have no cash at all, but would love to help with this festival,
then please mail me at afke69@gmail.com

YES Time to be free and be me!