Sensual Shakti Yoga course start October 8


Sensual Shakti Yoga course (including the emotional release tools)
is a combination of breath, movement and sound.
The movements are slow and ecstatic.
to help you (re)connect with your sensuality
with the receptive feminine (yin) energy that is within all of us.
Most of us men and women are most of the time in an active do modus,
even when we relax, most of us we have the feeling that we need ‘to do’ something.


Doing, controlling, all action is very masculine, very yang, an active energy.

This Sensual Shakti yoga is the yoga of surrender of softening and of connecting with your pleasure.

We use: Sound, breath and movement.

Toning the voice, learning how to express without words.

Breath, we will use the breath specially the exhale to relax,
to release, to let go.

Movement, gentle stretches, gentle yoga asanas, we move slow and ecstatic with the breath and with sound.IMG_6748

You will learn different breathing technics:
the orgasmic breath and the connected breath, the 20 connected breath.

You will learn technics from the old Taoist practices.

Like the cosmic orbit, a way to move and direct your energy.
To move and direct energy so you can heal and re-energize yourself.

But most of all we will move very slowly.

Moving slowly.

You will feel so sensual, so soft, so relaxed.

It relaxes the nervous system and also your system on all levels.

Maybe you will encounter shame,  fear, resistance, angriness on the way and that is okay, all emotions are welcome, connecting back to your flow,  feeling the kundalini Shakti energy, like a serpent, like a sneak moving through your body!

We will also learn how to use the emotional release tools, so you can learn how to move stagnated energy. Embracing, expressing the dark to let the light shine through.

Your skin will become more sensual.

You will become even more ecstatic then you are right now.

Time to embrace pleasure.
Time to let pleasure be your guide.

Time to let go of shame and all other bullshit that holds you back
Time to liberate yourself in a gentle way.

This course consists of four Thursday evening sessions of 2 hours
Preferable to be there live online every Thursday as we will be sharing together.
If you miss a session you will receive it the day after, so you can still practice by yourself.

Thursday October 8 at 7:30 PM CEST
Thursday October 15 at 7:30 PM CEST
Thursday October 22 at 7:30 PM CEST
Thursday October 29 at 7:30 PM CEST

All meetings are via Zoom

Max. participants 30
Costs are 99 euro per person

Buy a ticket with Ideal Bankcontact Paypal Creditcard with this Chipta link

Let’s get luscious!