Bhakti Yoga retreat in the Swiss mountains 2019

Date:  Last week of July 2019 (date will be specified soon)

Swiss We invite you to join us on a journey of yoga in the wonderful Swiss mountains. In a little ashram, where you can enjoy peace and stillness, we dive deeper into the ancient path of yoga. Every morning we start in silence with meditation and asanas, followed by yoga philosophy or walks in the lush nature.

Yoga can manifest itself as a life-changing practice, free us from blocking patterns and give tools for a fulfilled state of mind. We will guide you through a practical daily sadhana (spiritual practice). This will give you a steady basis to integrate yoga in your everyday life.
To break the routine and patterns, one day is completely devoted to deep silence. In the evenings we will share our insights and experiences with each other. The whole retreat is accompanied by delicious vegan food. Fresh, healthy, wholesome and made with love. Accomodation is simple but cosy: cabins in old stone houses or comfortable yurts. There are plenty of tents available for those who likes to camp. The pure surroundings, clean air and refreshing rivers will enhance a peaceful state of mind.

This retreat will be hosted by Afke and Arjuna van der Kooij and Noelle Sterk. Afke and Noelle will lead the yoga classes including Asana and pranayama.The focus of the classes is to help you to connect with your authentic self and tune in to your natural state of wonder. Arjuna is a long time bhakti and kirtan practitioner, and enjoys writing and sharing about yoga philosophy.

Daily program:

Mornings are in noble silence.

7:00 Kirtan
7:15 Silent meditation
7.45 till 9:00 Yoga
9.30 breakfast
– Break of the silence and free time –
13:00 Lunch
16:00 Yoga Philosophy
17:00 Yin Yoga session
18:15 Diner
19:30 evening kirtan

One day will be in total silence and beautiful walks in the luscious nature, chilling and bathing in the sun and the stream

Pricing & Registration

575,- euro incl. accomodation, yoga and food. Location: near Locarno, south Switzerland. Easyjet flies to Milan.

For reservation and payment details please send an email to

  • Client: Swiss Alps Yoga Retreat
  • Date: 29th of July till August 5