Wild Woman Training July 28 – August 1 ~ Hilversum (NL)

Welcome to the Wild Woman training.

Are you ready to truly dive deep in the transformation and to shed all the stories, all the layers all the masks.

This is a spiritual striptease, in this training we will unveil ourselves.

The program is beautiful and intense.

We use sound, breath and movement, ancient rituals and ceremonies to get to our authentic wisdom.

In this training we will also have a plant ceremony with truffles.

This training is for a limited amount of women, if you like to know more please contact me via whatsapp
(+31)(0) 620006633

yes in would like to join! Hereby the details for the preupayment.

Celebration, shadow work, sacred plant ceremony, singing circles, ancient rituals, 
Shedding layers, cutting the bullshit, real authenticity.
Welcome the ‘real you’ in a safe and loving container.

With Afke Reijenga and Leonie Bos.

Leonie is Singer Songwriter, Sound Healer & Inner Voice coach. Guiding you to find your true voice through music, singing circles, one-on-one sessions, retreats and energetic healing. She creates and sings from her pure heart, with a playfulness and deep connection to her own essence. Exited to join forces with Afke to create a safe and playfull container to expres, release and embrace our sensuality, presence and inner voice.
More about Leonie here
This training is only for women, to embrace yourself fully and so the world around you.


We come together to celebrate life.
To go deep, to embrace the light and the dark parts of our self.

From joyful celebrations to deep shadow work.

Your hosts and sisters for this retreat are Afke Reijenga and Leonie Bos

During this retreat we use Yoga, Dance, Singing, Meditation, Tantra, Breathwork, Sauna, Ceremony and Rituals from ancient times, Connecting with your true Essence, Sisterhood, Shadow sides, Sensuality, Femininity, Music, Fun and Nature, workshop to understand the monocycles even better.

Also expect a safe place where we can laugh, cry, dance, breathe and do yoga together. A wonderful retreat to recharge yourself completely and to reconnect with the deepest  parts of yourself.


Hereby the link to pay and register:

 Deze training is voor jou als je weer met je wilde vrouw
en met je sensualiteit wil verbinden.

In deze vijfdaagse wordt je begeleid in een prachtige reis naar je hart en je lichaam, waarin je helemaal tot leven komt en ook kan ontdekken wat je ervan weerhoudt om je leven VOLLEDIG te leven.

In deze training zit ook een plant ceremonie waar je aan kan deelnemen.

Leonie Bos zal erbij zijn om je in deze training te begeleiden om je stem, je klanken te laten klinken.

Deze dagen zul je je eigen wildness en sensualiteit herontdekken, je hart en ziel laten spreken, spanning stress en ongemak loslaten.

Je ontvangt krachtige, maar toch eenvoudige tools om mee naar huis te nemen, die je helpen verbonden en te blijven met je sensualiteit en levendigheid.
Meer levendigheid, vitaliteit en plezier, vrijheid en gemak in lichaam en spirit.


• adem/geluid/beweging
• dans
• sharing circles
• groeps (plant) ceremonies
• zelf onderzoek (tools)
• aspecting
• polariteiten (vrouwelijk en mannelijk)
• emotional fluidity
• Levenskracht en kundalini activering
• tempelavonden
• connectie, intimiteit en plezier

Yes ik doe mee! Met deze link kan je aanbetalen.