Workshop Taste of Tantra 15 October 2021

Are you ready to explore the world of tantra?

This tantra workshop is  for beginners and also for the ones that have explored tantra before.

It will be a mix of ancient tantra technics and modern tantra exercises.

Tantra is about feeling and experiencing.
Tantra is about intimacy and about real authenticity.

About connection, freedom, playfulness, slowing down, energy, integrity and so much more.

Join for this magical evening where you will learn, or better experience the basics of tantra.

For who?
for you!
Men, women, non binary, single and couples all super welcome!

Afke loves to guide you, this is the path, the way she lives her life that really liberated her.

Fotografie: Lorijne Havik

This workshop will be in Dutch or English spoken if needed and it’s open to anyone, not just couples!

Date: Friday 15th of October 2021
Time: 19.00 tot 22.00
Price: 60 euro per person
Place: De Nieuwe Yogaschool, Amsterdam

Hereby the link to the site of De Nieuwe Yoga School where you can join this amazing workshop