Afke Bio

Afke Reijenga, a life artist, is a passionate Tantra facilitator and coach. She dedicates her work to helping men and women (re)connect with their erotic innocence, guiding them on a journey of self-discovery and opening their hearts to love in all its forms.

With Afke, falling in love becomes more than just romantic connections. It is an invitation to fall in love with oneself, with others, with love itself, and with the beauty and even the beast within life’s dance. She believes in embracing life fully, embracing every encounter and experience, and finding purpose and playfulness in a meaningful, loving life.

Afke’s extensive certifications and training reflect her dedication to her craft. As a certified Awaken As Love facilitator, NLP practitioner, and hypnosis expert, she also possesses knowledge in Healing Tao, Sexual Kung Fu, Jade Egg, Vipassana, Vision Quest, tantric massage, Thai massage, conscious connected breath, and orgasmic breath. Additionally, she is an experienced Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Bhakti Yoga teacher with over 1000 certified hours. Currently, she is studying to become a sex, love, and relationship coach.

Recognized around the world, Afke is renowned for her Yoga and Tantra facilitation. She has guided more than 200 women in her transformative Wild Women training and has organized self-love and Tantra retreats for over 15 years. Her impact extends even further, as she has taught over 2000 people at the Lowlands festival, introducing Yoga to the masses. Her expertise has been showcased in Yoga magazine, Marie Claire, Jan, Volkskrant, Telegraaf, and she has appeared on various television shows such as DWDD, NOS journal, and BNN Spuiten en Slikken.

More than a facilitator, Afke is on a mission of liberation, helping individuals awaken the love within themselves and break free from conditioning and limiting mind stories that hinder a magical life. Alongside her love and eros as a healing medicine, she incorporates plant medicine to deepen the connection to love and the divine.

Connect with Afke on Instagram at to embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery, love, and liberation.