Free yourself Tantra retreat 15 -21 June 2024

Free Yourself Tantra retreat

This retreat will be guided by Afke and Roos

They met each other on this magical island during an ISTA PT training.
Both fell in love with this location and decided to create some magic here together.

Afke: I love to work with Roos.
She is a psychologist, shaman and tantrika,
but most of all she has the capacity to cut through the bullshit.

Together we will take you on a journey,
to reconnect with yourself.
To help you to take away the layers that don’t serve you anymore.

Or as Rumi quoted so right on:
“Your task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Stepping back into your true essence,
To shine and to be a beacon of light,
not just for yourself but also for the world around you.

Roos and Afke will guide you with beautiful Tantric ceremonies and nature rituals.
They will guide you home.

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What can you expect?

Sexuality and touch as medicine:
Connecting to your sexual energy doesn’t mean that you need to have sex. It’s about learning how we can use this force, feel save in our body and direct it in a way that feels loving for yourself and others. There needs to be consent in the first place.
We explore ourselves to the level that you’re comfortable with. If you want to keep your clothes on for the whole retreat, that is perfectly ok.
It’s just a change to align this sexual part of us with purity, joy and the way of nature.

Roos & Afke as medicine:
Those two women hold each strong medicine. Afke vibrates a joy in her being that is contagious by being in her presence, a gift to be around when more challenging waters are being navigated. Roos holds point for purity and purifies with her presence what does not belong on this earth. Both are very welcome when navigating sexuality, a part of humanity that is more taboo and in the shadow. That’s not where it belongs and how we should build our communities.

Movement as medicine:
Our bodies hold great wisdom; all centers (head, throat, heart, belly, sex, base). In this retreat we will bring you into experience that allow you to move your body and free up your pathway ahead. Including your sex center.

Emotions as medicine:
E-Motions = Energy in Motion. What kind of energy? Your life-force.
Learn to Explore to listen to deep emotions and feel them. Understand how they are guiding you in the right direction

Breath and sound as medicine:
Breath is life-force. Through feeling your breath, you can connect to yourself and feel how life wants to flow through you. Or where your life-force is being blocked and invites more love into your being. If you haven’t discovered what (circular) breathing and sound can do for you. It’s time!

Gathering as medicine:
How we connect to the human beings around us, is a key indicator of how healthy we are. To experience safety in our nervous system when we are in groups is fundamental. And from that fundament we can lift each other up to heights that nobody could reach on their own! You are going to experience the Art of Gathering and how we human beings can be all medicine for one and other through being true to ourself

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The retreat centre is like a little village with stone cottages.
The location is in the middle of a fairytale forest surrounded by waterfalls.
We have our private cook, cooking for us mainly delicious vegetarian food.

The airport is Alexandroupolis (via Athens)

The ferry goes at 3pm from Alexandroupolis and arrives 4.50pm on the island at June 15th.
For the way back on the Thursday the 21th of June the ferry leave at two moments; at 7am and 4.50pm.

We start on June 15th at 8pm. You’re welcome to have diner before we open the retreat together at 6pm.

The retreat ends on June 21 after lunch 2pm
You can plan your ferry trip from Alexandroupolis to Samothraki here:
You can book extra nights before and after the retreat in Mariva Bungalows on their website as long as there availability ( or stay somewhere else on the island.

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