Somatic sexual coaching session

Somatic sexual coaching session or a private tantra workshop

As an Intimacy and Tantra practitioner, I can support you in re-connecting with your body, re-discovering the healthy, natural flow of erotic energy that is stored there, and channeling your creative force.

Some background

Ancient cultures understood the magic and power of Eros, the driving creative force that allows life to perpetuate and thrive. Whenever different energies seek each other, merge, separate, and merge again, we can say that Eros is at play.

By awakening and channeling your erotic energy, you can access your full creative potential and establish healthy relationships with partners and lovers.

As you come in contact with the infinite source of pleasure, love, and life that resides deep within your body, you may find blockages that obstruct the natural flow of your erotic energy..

These blockages proceed from cultural conditioning, early childhood trauma, shame and guilt, and a collective trauma around sexuality that affects humanity as a whole

Our work together will be softly yet inevitably dissolving these traumas, removing the blockages, and channeling your erotic energy into the outlets that you deem appropriate.

How does it work?

Although every session is unique, crafted to meet your individual requirements, we will follow a format that has been tested through years of practice.

We will begin with a conversation about intentions, concerns, and boundaries. Some of the topics we will address in this phase of the work may be:

What is your deepest intention for this session?
What is your deepest desire in your life right now?
Is there any part of your body that calls for special attention—or that you don’t want to be touched?
Any injuries, traumas, specificities of your body I need to know about?
Are there any concerns about the session that need to be addressed?

Then, we will create a sacred container for the session to unfold. This may involve energetic preparations, invocations, and other forms of ritual.

First part of the session is with clothes on, in this part, we will explore together what your desire and intention is.
And we will find out what is holding you back from getting your desire, we will find out what you need for your desire and almost in a shamanic way, you will understand how to get there. Yes these sessions are magic.

After the first part we move into the hands-on part of the session, which may include a variety of techniques such as Tantric Bodywork, Conscious Touch, Breathwork, Emotional Release Tools, Sacred Spot Ritual.

During the session, I will ask for your verbal consent before touching any sensitive parts of the body and support you in expressing both your yes and your no.

You are always in control, and you can stop or slow down the session at any moment. It is ok to change your mind. There is nothing you need to do.

Once the session is over, you will have some quiet time to integrate the experience. If you need extra support, all my sessions include a free follow-up call 24/48hs after.

If all of the above speaks to you, I invite you to take some time to meditate on it. If and when you feel a deep yes in your heart, and want to move forward with booking a session. We can schedule a 20-minutes free online exploratory session to discuss your needs. Please email me here if you like to explore if this session is for you.

The session duration is three hours with an intake call, the costs are 400 euro

if you book five sessions you will receive a discount of 20%