Tantric Love Ceremony (for couples)

Would you like to experience more intimacy with your partner?
Would you like to experience real intimacy?
Would you like to learn ancient Tantric technics?
Would you like to feel more sexy and juicy in your relationship?

Are you willing to go deep and explore
and create more space for LOVE in your relationship?

Well if your answer is YES

 You are ready for a Tantric Love Ceremony
It is a private sworkshop.

Do you remember the moment that you fell in love together?
Remember where and remember your first kiss?
Would you like to experience that feeling again?

Book a

Tantric Love Ceremony (for couples can also be private or with your best friend)
guided by Afke Reijenga

3 hour session
costs 400 euro

You will walk out on a pink cloud.


for more info tekst Afke on +31 6 2000 66 33