Wild women training 10-16 December 2023 (last minute price be quick)

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Within you lies the untamed spirit of the wild woman, the woman in tune with her authentic nature and unique flavour. We will be led by Afke, who will provide exercises derived from Tantra and Shamanism to guide us along the way.

Welcome to the Wild Women training in Ibiza
Are you ready to let go?
and to connect to your flow!

Join us for the ultimate wild women training on Ibiza!

Are you ready to embrace your true power? It’s time to shed inhibitions and liberate the sensual, sexual woman within you.

This week is dedicated to celebrating your unique beauty and strength. Prepare to shine like never before as we guide you on a transformative journey towards living your best life. Embrace the opportunity to truly see yourself, as we peel away the layers and reveal your authentic self.

Through the use of sound, breath, and movement, we will tap into ancient rituals and ceremonies that awaken your inner essence and purpose. Experience the power of a spiritual striptease, completely unveiling yourself and allowing your true self to shine through.

As part of this extraordinary journey, we will also indulge in a sacred cacao ceremony. This ceremony will open up your heart, allowing you to connect deeply with your desires and emotions. It’s an opportunity for you to embrace vulnerability and express your truest self in a safe and supportive space.

Are you ready to step into the transformative energy of this retreat? Are you ready to open up, sharing your deepest desires and expressing yourself fully? Together, we will laugh, cry, and grow as sisters, forging a powerful bond of connection.

So, sister, I am calling out to you. Are you ready to embrace this life-changing experience? It’s time to say yes and embark on a journey towards self-discovery, empowerment, and sisterhood. Join us for a weekend that will leave you feeling liberated, revitalized, and ready to live life on your own terms.


Sunday 10 December
14:00 Welcome at the house
Lunch, chilling, dinner
Opening ceremony

Monday – Friday
8:00-9:00 morning session to wake up the body (yoga/tai chi)
9:15 smoothie /coffee/tea break
9:30 morning session
12:00 brunch
14:00-17:00 afternoon workshop
19:00 dinner
20:30 evening program

Saturday  16 December
9:15 breakfast
end of the training at 11:00


The house:

The beautiful villa is on a hill and surrounded by trees
with ocean and sunset view.
(walk to the beach is 20 minutes)

The property has seven rooms in the house and four wooden cabins around the house,
all with their own private bathroom and airco/heating.
There are private rooms and cabins and shared rooms with separate beds.
There is a sauna with an outside shower and swimming pool.

Celebration, sisterhood, sacred ceremony, shadow work, singing circles, ancient rituals, 
 inner man and inner woman work, cutting the bullshit, real authenticity, sensuality and sexuality, stepping into power, into purpose.
Welcoming the ‘real you’ in a safe and loving place.
Afke Reijenga

Afke Reijenga

Yes I am in
Prepayment here
if you would like to have a talk before , please App me on +31 6 2000 6633

The one time discount prices vary from 700 euro for a shared room till 1600 euro for a private room.
The price includes all sessions, accommodation and food, drinks and snacks,
This price will never ever come back!

yes count me in
I feel like a new person after doing the training, rejuvenated and more alive. So many things happened in those days on a subtle level and I feel that this might be the beginning of many more changes to come. I couldn’t imagine better guides taking me on this journey thank you Afke. Thank you! You are amazing! And so inspiring!
from Katerina

In het Nederlands:

 Deze training is voor jou als je weer met je wilde vrouw in jou
en met je sensualiteit en sexualiteit wilt verbinden.
Daar zit je diepe oerkracht.

In deze week wordt je begeleid in een prachtige reis naar je hart en je lichaam, waarin je helemaal tot leven komt en ook kan ontdekken wat je ervan weerhoudt om je leven VOLLEDIG te leven.

Deze dagen zul je je eigen wildness en sensualiteit herontdekken, je hart en ziel laten spreken, spanning stress en ongemak loslaten.

Je ontvangt krachtige, maar toch eenvoudige tools om mee naar huis te nemen, die je helpen verbonden te blijven met je sensualiteit en sexualiteit.
Meer levendigheid, vitaliteit en plezier, vrijheid en gemak in lichaam en spirit.

Jaaaaa ik voel een dikke vette JA